Lusona | Job Search Mastery: Expert Tips and Tricks for Finding Your Ideal Job

Whether you are part of the three-fifths of job hunters who are unhappy in their current role
due to culture or salary or find yourself needing a new job due to redundancy or relocation,
job hunting is a part of life, and having the right tools to navigate it effectively can make it a
lot more pleasant!

In this blog, we will be answering some recruitment questions and providing some expert
tricks and tips for finding your ideal job, including

How can you use recruiters when job searching?

Recruiters are experts in job hunting and networking and usually operate within a specific
industry or niche, making them the best people to contact when you are looking for a new

After all, if you had no experience fixing cars, you wouldn’t just rely on your ability to make
the repairs - you would visit a mechanic, and it’s exactly the same with job hunting.

Seeking out the advice of a recruiter and building a relationship with them can be the
difference between getting an interview and not.

How do you find the right Recruitment Agency in Glasgow?

There are over 138 recruitment agencies in Glasgow alone, so finding the right fit for you
and your career is crucial.

Finding an agency that specialises in the field you are interested in is the first step to finding
the perfect recruitment consultant for your journey.

Lusona Consultancy is proud to have specialists across a range of different industries,
including accountancy & finance, legal, HR, audit & risk and many more niche areas.

How do you create an outstanding resume and cover letter?

CVs should always be tailored to the role you are applying for as it is almost impossible to fit
every single piece of experience you have onto your CV.

During your introductory call, you will be able to go through your experience in detail with the

As they recruit in the sector you are interested in, they will be able to pick out the nuggets of
skills gold that their clients are interested in adding to their team and will advise you on how
best to include them in our CV and cover letters.

This will also allow them to add these to your profile on their system, so you pop up when
they are searching for potential interviewees.

How can you overcome job search rejections?

No matter how well the interview went, the chances of not getting the job are still quite high.
Rejections are hard, especially when you have invested time and effort into practicing,
researching, and potentially traveling.

Asking for feedback from the recruiter is an important step that a lot of people don’t take.
Recruiters can follow up with the hiring manager or decision maker to find out why they went
with the selected candidate identify any knowledge gaps and give you pointers on how you
could improve your interview performance, making rejections an almost positive thing.

Take your job search to the next level and connect with our Lusona consultants today!


• Recruiters are experts in job hunting and networking and seeking their advice
and building a relationship with them increases your chances of being hired.• Finding agencies that specialise in your field of interest by using Google, and
connecting with them on LinkedIn, can boost your network and is a great way to
get started.

• Discussing past experiences with the consultant can highlight relevant skills that
you didn’t know to mention, and help to tailor your CV.

• Asking for feedback and learning from it to improve future performances is a
positive way to handle rejection and gets you one step closer to your goal.

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