Are you a ‘Perfect Prospective Candidate?’

Let’s start with a quote.

‘Perfection is boring. Getting better is where all the fun is’. (Dragos Roua).

I am conflicted here. Quarter of a century in recruitment and in the fourth of worrying ‘boom and bust’ cycles over this time I hold rigidly to my view that finding a ‘perfect candidate’ is as hopeful as finding a unicorn. I have told hundreds and hundreds of clients this over the years. They listen but nonetheless continue the search.

We need to clarify the definition of ‘perfect’ when it comes to hiring new employees.

Let’s work on the definition and how best you can fit it.

There are three perspectives in any recruitment process. Yours, your recruitment Consultant’s and the potential employer. To succeed you must always remember this. By ‘succeed’ I mean achieving the opportunity which gives you all the best options and all the best outcomes.

Your perspective should be about opportunity and nothing else. A 20% salary increase sounds excellent – but is it? Imagine your career as a three-dimensional situation. Salary and benefits are but one dimension. The others are opportunity to develop and learn and quality of life. Salary hikes are always a short- lived phenomenon. The market always corrects itself. Then what?

Now, your recruitment expert – assuming they are of the highest quality- which at Lusona they are – wants just these things from you; -

  1. Honesty and responsiveness at all times. Don’t ignore calls or messages. It never ends well.
  2. Listen to advice and discuss any concerns or disagreements.
  3. To understand your real end game. What is it? More money? Better location? Better title? Part time hours or flexible working? Less travel time?

Your potential new employer often is chasing the impossible dream of perfection I mentioned. The best employers are not filling roles in the ‘here and now’. The best employers are planning where you can be in three or five years’ time in their Organisation with their support and direction. A recruiter makes an introduction. The employer makes the decision. The best employers don’t just fill vacancies, they make an investment. In you.

So – have we defined ‘perfect’? No. In recruitment it doesn’t exist. Is there a perfect career? I doubt it. Contentment is possible in all fairness. After all, the majority of people would rather not have to work at all but darn those pesky bills!

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