2022 Is the Perfect Year to Change Jobs - Here's Why

If the madness of 2021 has left you craving some normality, we don’t blame you.

But your job should be the one exception in 2022.

A combination of different factors have created a job market that is heavily in your favour right now as a candidate, and now's the time to take advantage of it.

2022 could easily be the biggest opportunity of your career to date - here’s why this is the year to change jobs…

Unprecedented demand in the market

The job market is unusually hot right now and we may never see it like this again in our lifetime.

With more job vacancies on the market than there are available skilled candidates in most industries, this means you have the upper hand as a job seeker. Take advantage of this!

If you’ve been craving a change but feeling like a job move would be too risky, 2022 is the year to take the plunge.

It’s a perfect time to explore new ground

If you’re feeling in a bit of a rut, there’s no better time than now to explore new companies, new industries, or even a total career change.

The job market is entirely different from what it was even just five years ago and your skills, education and employment background could be adding value in a totally new role that you might not even know exists yet!

Right now, employers are looking for candidates who are adaptable and resilient, with transferrable skills that will benefit the larger organisation.

Speak to a recruiter who can give you some inspiration and guidance on how to change jobs and where your next move could take you.

Geography is no longer a barrier

It’s hard to believe that only a couple of years ago, your work commute could mean the difference between you applying for a role at a company or not.

With remote and hybrid working now being the norm in most industries, the geographical barrier is a thing of the past. Even living in a particular country is now rarely necessary for employers to consider you for a role.

But are you taking advantage of this? Remote working should massively open up your pool of opportunities for you. Employers are casting their sourcing nets further afield, so it makes sense that you look internationally too.

You’re more adaptable than you’ll ever be

One thing the last couple of years has taught us is how to adapt quickly when a situation requires it.

The business world – and the world more generally – is currently in VUCA, meaning life is unpredictable, and we’ve become much more adaptable as a population in response to this. As a workforce, this makes us much more agile than any workforce that has preceded us.

While you’re in this adaptable mindset, you’re in the perfect position to adjust easily to a new role. If you can’t face change now, when will you?

‘Comfortable’ isn’t good for progression

In any area of our lives, we generally reach the best of our ability when we’re outside of our comfort zones. And it’s no different when it comes to your career – being mobile in the job market keeps your skill set fresh.

If you’re comfortably ‘coasting’ in your current job, this is preventing you from reaching your full potential. And the longer you coast, the harder it will be to change jobs when really need to.

‘Languish’ (the state between depression and flourishing) has been cited as the dominant emotion of 2021. While this is totally understandable given the circumstances, languish can be a dangerous emotion if it sticks around too long. It sucks all your motivation and gets in the way of your self-development – which is why coasting is never a good thing.

Interested in a career move but not sure where your skills and experience leave you best placed?

Get in touch with us here at Lusona and we’ll connect you with a recruitment consultant who knows how to help. 2022 will be the year for your career!

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