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Who are we?

Lusona was formed with one very clear aim as far as your professional career goes. We will consult, we will advise and we will implement YOUR plan. If you are reading this from the position of being able to offer careers to professionals, we again have one very clear aim. Strangely, it is exactly the same. Consult, advise and implement your plan. The fact is, that a successful career – and correspondingly a successful business – needs the objectives of both employee and employer to be almost symmetrical.

You will find all sorts of very interesting information on this website.  You may find that you are surprised by some of it. The thing is, LUSONA have been advising professionals and organisations in the legal and financial arenas for a very, very long time. You can read more about this later, but the point is that there is never, ever a substitute for experience.  We want to share the benefit of this experience with you. Here’s something that will surprise you. We would rather you didn’t look at our current vacancies if you would find yourself wanting when asked to define what your career means to you. Sometimes the best course of action is not to move jobs.  A good Consultancy should not hesitate to tell you this if it applies to you. A good Consultancy should then offer advice on what IS the best course of action for you. So we will. We hope you are surprised to hear this.

We want to be different. Inspirationally different.